Overview: About This Training

Welcome to Protecting Information training. As a school district or public school employee, it’s an important part of your job to understand what “protecting information” entails.


To find out why this training was developed, read the following story:


An Ontario school district was forced to perform damage control when it learned that a school employee had mistakenly emailed an electronic file containing the personal information of 456 high school students. The information included student names, addresses, telephone numbers, course enrollments, grades, district-assigned identification numbers, and other data found on student transcripts.


The information was inadvertently sent to a parent advisory committee. The people who received the information alerted the school principal who then asked them to delete the files.


Mistakes happen. But did you know that as a custodian of student and employee personal information, your school district has a legal obligation to protect the information in its custody? This training aims to help you be aware of protection and privacy issues and to fulfill your legal obligation.