Why Information is Valuable

We all try to protect the things we value most: we deposit our money in a bank, we buy insurance for our houses, we lock our doors, and activate alarm systems.

Information can be just as valuable as cars and houses—maybe even more so.


One personal detail on its own—such as a person’s name—may not appear to be worth much, but combine that bit of information with another—such as a birth date or a home address—and it’s possible to identify a person and to expose that person and/or their families to harm.

Read the following story:

The mother of a grade nine student moved her child to another school in the city due to concerns that her child was the target of emotional and physical bullying. The information about the new school was disclosed to school officials, but was not supposed to be shared with the students in the school.

Inadvertently, the student’s former teacher shared with her class the name of the new school. The bullying of the student continued at the new school until criminal harassment charges were finally laid against the perpetrators.

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