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The Youth Explore Trades Skills Activity Plans located within each of these modules found below are teacher resources designed to help students explore careers in trades and skills-related disciplines.

1. Core Module

From safe work practices to employability skills, the Core Module addresses the terminology, skills, tools, materials, work environments, culture and career options of the various trades and industries.

2. Modules

The modular structure means teachers can tailor the program based on local needs — availability of instructors, facilities and materials. The modules have been designed as standalone resources, allowing for flexible implementation in the shop, classroom and kitchen.

3. Activity Plans

Select and download Activity Plans specifically designed to introduce students to trades and skills through activities that provide valuable hands-on experience. Through exposure to courses like these, students will be able to better make informed high school course and career choice options.

4. Student Module

To compliment the Youth Explore Trades Skills Activity Plans, there is a self-directed online module for students to help build their knowledge and develop entrepreneurial skills in the trades. This optional resource is offered free by JABC (Junior Achievement of BC). Learn more

Teacher Modules

Explore the Activity Plans and supporting resources related to a variety of trades sectors.

Student Module

A self-directed online module that helps students build knowledge and develop skills to become an entrepreneur in the trades.


Youth Explore Trades Skills is an engaging program in which students use hands-on learning to acquire skills and knowledge related to the construction trades, the automotive industry, the culinary arts and baking, and the manufacturing sector.

Youth Explore Trades Skills allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience in important trade and manufacturing sectors. Through exposure to core skills common to many trades, Youth Explore Trades Skills students will be able to better make informed high school course and career choice options.

In addition to the teacher resources on this site, there is a self-directed, online student resource JA Entrepreneurial Trades designed for Grade 10-12 students. This resource helps students build knowledge and develop entrepreneurial skills in the trades. This is an optional resource, provided free of charge by JABC (Junior Achievement of BC).

Course Description

Do you like to build things? Want to make cool projects using real building materials while learning trades skills? A career in the trades is a stable, exciting, rewarding and challenging way to earn a good living. Explore different career paths while building trades-related projects. Blast through steel with torches, cut lumber with chop saws and assemble projects using a pneumatic nailer. Is hospitality your career path? Explore the hospitality trades by creating unique professional restaurant-style meals, or bake the cake of your dreams. Many options are available through this 60 or 120 hour program. Check with your school to see which modules are offered; Automotive, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Metal Work, Design & Drafting, Robotics & Electronics, Baking and Professional Cook.

Grades: 9-12 Course Code: STX

The Youth Explore Trades Skills resource development project involves the creation of learning resources to support the implementation of the BC Ministry of Education’s Youth Explore Trades Skills Program Guide. Depending on the district and the school, these programs are geared towards students in grades 9-12. Youth Explore Trades Skills was created as an educational resource for any secondary student. How each district chooses to implement the course will vary, depending on the availability of human and material resources and facilities.

Activity Plans have now been developed for the following instructional modules:

  • Core Module
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Baker
  • Carpenter
  • Cook
  • Design and Drafting
  • Electrician
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Metal Work
  • Plumber

Youth Explore Trades Skills
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