Home Landscape Pesticide Use was developed by Open School BC (Ministry of Education, the Province of British Columbia) in collaboration with the B.C. Ministry of Environment. Copyright © 2016, Province of British Columbia.

Ministry of Environment Team

Gwendolyn Lohbrunner, Integrated Pest Management Analyst, IPM Section: Reviewing, Coordination and Subject Matter Expert
Rob Au, Pesticides License Officer, IPM Section: Writing, Coordination and Subject Matter Expert
Gary Wong, Lead Technical Architect
Erik Glassel, Business Portfolio Manager
David Bayne, Senior Business Portfolio Manager

Open School BC

Shannon Mitchell, Project Manager/Writer
Janet Bartz, Manager, Instructional Media
Jennifer Riddel, Manager of Instructional Services
Monique Brewer, Director
Sean Procyshyn, Manager, Education Applications
Aaron Henderson, Senior Systems Analyst

Pathwise Solutions Inc.

Art and Multimedia Development
Gordon Draibye, Art Director
Max Licht, Illustrator (Max Licht Illustrations)
Allyssa McLeod, eLearning Developer
John McLeod, Instructional Lead, President
Chris Mock, Videographer (Cormorant Pictures Inc.)
Dan Bashaw, Lead Web Developer