= Skills Exploration 10-12

About Skills Exploration

Here’s just some of the work that BC students are doing in Skills Exploration 10-12:

  • Building doghouses
  • Constructing and wiring sheds
  • Assembling plumbing fixtures
  • Maintaining vehicles
  • Designing shelters
  • Using CAD software
  • Programming robots
  • Fabricating hibachis and machining hammers

Skills Exploration 10-12 is an engaging program in which students use hands-on learning to acquire skills and knowledge related to the construction trades, the automotive industry, and the manufacturing sector. The modular structure of Skills Exploration 10-12 means school districts can tailor the program based on local needs — availability of instructors, facilities and materials. Many of the activities found in the modules are designed as standalone resources, allowing for flexible implementation in the shop and classroom.


Industry Training Authority Apprenticeship Programs

To find out more about the program, read the SSA Program Guide PDF on the ITA website.

To find out more about the ACE IT program, go to the ACE IT Program Guide on the ITA website.
BC Ministry of Education
The Skills Exploration 12 Integrated Resource Package can be found on the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum web page.
Ministry of Education information about the Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) and Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training (ACE IT) programs can be found on the Apprenticeship and Trades web page.
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