Examples of Supporting Evidence

2.4: The environment provides areas that can accommodate all ages of children attending.
Rae-Lynn Varga

StrongStart BC Facilitator,
Muheim Memorial Elementary, Smithers


2.6: Children’s creations and long-term projects are respected and reflected in the program.

“We explored the wonder of the salmon: learning about eggs, alevin, fry, smolts and adult fish. The children explored a salmon from the Oyster River and created their own river collage using a variety of materials. I think the adults enjoyed the learning as much as the children!”

Joanne Bishop

StrongStart BC Facilitator,
Cedar Elementary, Campbell River


2.7: The environment reflects and accommodates the diversity of families and the community.

"There is a bulletin board of questions which people are welcome to answer in their own language… things like ‘How do you say I love you?‘ ‘How do you say welcome?‘ … leads to lots of dialogue with our families.”

Colleen Friendship

StrongStart BC Facilitator,
Queneesh Elementary, Comox Valley